Using the News for Apologetics and Evangelism

I know that more often than not, Christians find it incredibly difficult to talk to their friends and coworkers about God. One thing I’ve been thinking about is how to show that every day talking topics actually have the potential  to go far deeper. One such talking topic is the news.
How often has the following conversation taken place, “Did you hear about ____ on the news?”

“Yes, it’s awful, isn’t it?”

“It really is. I just don’t understand how someone could do something like that.”

From this point, the conversation could just drift to talking about other things that have been going on, maybe to talking about the weather or yesterday’s sports fixtures.
Or, it could go deeper. Much deeper.

News stories such as the ones I talked about in my previous post, ie different scandals that have occurred in recent years, actually bring up very deep questions about human nature, whether good works are enough, the problem of evil and whether or not we have a Heavenly Father. Is seems to me quite natural in the above conversation for the next line to be something like this:

“I think all these news stories about every day people doing awful things says something really interesting about what our human nature is like.”
Or, “With all this evil around the world, sometimes it makes me think that this isn’t how things are supposed to be. What do you think?”
Or, “Humans clearly can’t save themselves from evil. We can’t generate perfection from within ourselves. Don’t you think that we need something exterior to us to change us, to even change our very human nature?”

From there, the link into what you believe, what Jesus taught or what the Bible says is clear. And this is not manipulation. By doing this you are not manipulating people in order to ‘convert’ them. Most people who I’ve had such conversations with have been incredibly interested in what I’ve had to say, and were actually kind of relieved that the conversation didn’t denigrate into trivial musings about the weather, as it so often does (in Britain, anyway).

So that’s just one easy way of moving an every day conversation forward into a much deeper one, where the prospect for apologetics and evangelism are far greater.
Why not give it a go?

Check out this page for more ideas about how to share your faith with coworkers.

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