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There are quite a few people reading this blog who I’ve never met before but who I’d love to get to know a bit better. I’ve decided to attached my facebook and twitter account details to the About Me page, so do feel free to add me on either/both and get in touch!


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I'm a full time follower of Jesus, who is studying for a BA in Politics, Philosophy and Economics and loving university life. I blog about anything related to the first sentence! View all posts by Michael

5 responses to “Update on this blog…

  • Maria

    Glad you like John Piper. He’s a favorite of mine. Do you ever listen to Tullian Tchividjian? (grandson of Bily Graham and pastor of Coral Ridge)? He preaches grace – my current favorite doctrine

    • Michael

      I don’t listen to Tullian regularly by I have listened to him a few times before and I like what he has to say! And of course, grace is my favourite too. 😉

      I do love John Piper, ‘Desiring God’ had a big impact on me when I first read it. It blew my mind and liberated my thinking about God in a lot of ways. In hindsight, you do have to be a little bit careful when reading that book because of certain important emphases which I feel he leaves out. He recognises that himself in a video I watched where he confessed that he was too theocentric in his earlier ministry (the time he wrote Desiring God) and not enough Christocentric. I would add that he is also sometimes not Trinitarian enough. For example, in CH1 of Desiring God, Piper sets out God to be a bit of a vain, arrogant God who only does what will make him look good. But that’s not true at all! God is not a narcissist; his glory is in his self-giving, his other-centredness, which is found first and foremost in the Trinity.

      So to keep the equation balanced, a dose of Mike Reeves is indispensable. Reeves is exceptional when it comes to Trinitarian theology. Listening to both of them is a great combo! Also, Tim Keller’s preaching is gold.
      You got any other favourites?

  • Harnew

    I definitely would like to know bloggers outside of WordPress on the other networks

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